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The Best Of Jon King (1981) Aug 9 2011 / 04:14:38 PM
Year: 1981Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Anal, Oral

Reflex Aug 9 2011 / 04:13:20 PM
Description: German Ball Torture at it's finest.Not since the close of World War II have the boys from the Father Land slowly tortured a set of balls in such an artfully excruciating manner. When they're through twisting your nuts they expect you to nuzzle theirs.Enjoy sex fiends!!Hope you will like it !

The Big Pledge Mess-Up Aug 9 2011 / 04:10:08 PM
Year of manufacture:2011Genre: Studs, Orgy, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, SiteRip

The Real Pump N Dumps of New York City Aug 9 2011 / 04:09:22 PM
Year: 2010Country: USA

Jake & Jarek Aug 9 2011 / 04:05:15 PM
Year of manufacture:2011Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Frashmen, Rimming,Tattoos

I QUIT Aug 9 2011 / 03:39:27 PM
Year of manufacture:2011Genre: Big Cock, Hardcore, Rimming, Muscle, Anal/Oral Sex, SiteRip

Miki & Archie Aug 9 2011 / 03:35:27 PM
Year of manufacture:2011Genre: Russians, twink, masturbation, oral, anal, cum shots

Willy and Seva Aug 9 2011 / 03:34:29 PM
Year: 2009Country: Russia

OutInPublic - Tear Up That Prostate (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:42:04 PM
On this weeks out in public update I’m out in the mean streets of Miami with my boy Ari and this guy is just chipper as hell and horny as well and its my job to get this guy some ass and of course he wants some male ass we hit up the streets and he comes across this kid (rick)and right away he was drawn to him and Rick just happens to be on his break to so i ceased the opportunity and asked him straight up and this kid was down and was actually kind of excited so I’m guessing he liked my boy as well..the two got it on and they both loved it.Format: mp4

Double Fuck My Ass Aug 8 2011 / 05:38:01 PM
Year: 2009Country: USA

Slaves torment (2003) Aug 8 2011 / 05:36:50 PM
Starring: Phil Powers, TazCategories: Fetish, BDSM

WilliamHiggins - Jiri Jiskra Massage (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:36:15 PM
Jiri Jiskra is aged 20 and lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys travelling and playing tennis. Jiri was very impressive in his casting and we had a cancellation for a massage in the studio, so we took him up and slotted him in for a massage right away. He looks splendid at he walks into view and strips off for us, before climbing onto the massage table to see what awaits him. He has the lovely Mirek Voight as his masseur, with his very soothing hands. Oiling his hands the masseur softly begins to massage Jiri’s back, his hands gliding over the silky looking skin, and Jiri seems to be enjoying it, as he lays there with his eyes closed. Teasing a little the masseur reduces the size of the towel covering Jiri’s ass, and then starts to massage the legs, effortlessly gliding down tothe feet. Finally the towel is lifted, and a hand placed on an ass cheeks, such an erotic view. Then with oil on his hands the masseur sets about the ass.That bubble butt is magnificent, you just want to reach out and touch it, as Mirek is doing. After a little spread of the cheeks the hands reach down and pull Jiri’s cock backwards, and get a nice little feel of it. Then it is back to the ass for some more rubbing and the cheeks get very nicely spread. More oil on the hands implies something else might happen at the stage, but we are made to wait a little, as the hand slides up and down the ass crack and then spreads again. The moment then arrives, with some lube of his fingers Mirek rubs against the the ass hole and then puts Jiri up on his knees, for ease of exploration. The cheeks are nicely spread as the hands do their work. One in the ass crack and the other underneath Jiri’s body massaging his balls. And with a little bit of teasing a finger slips into Jiri’s ass, and moves slowly in and out. Ass he continues to play Mirek reaches for a vibrator and slips it into the hole. A hand reaches underneath and starts to massage Jiri’s cock too, but most of the focus is on the vibrator opening his ass. Jiri’s seems to be coping very well with the orange vibrator, so Mirek decides to go a bit further, selecting a black one, which is somewhat larger. It pushes into the ass and seems to be a very tight fit, but slides in anyway. Then Mirek turns on the vibration, and it seems to be turbo charged, and it works Jiri’s hole. It fucks in and out, and then pulls all the way out, so we can see what a tight fit it is. Then back in again, with Mirek fucking it in and out quite strongly. Jiri is standing up to this test very well indeed, but we can see that he is feeling it. A final little fucking with the vibrator and out it comes. The cheeks are spread, this time with the hole opening up very nicely, the result of the exccellent work with the vibrator. Jiri is then turned over so he can be on his back and work on the cock can really begin. The expert hands soon have the cock growing, as they wank and rub it. Then some rather vigorous wanking to get it fully hard and soon Jiri is ready to cum. Mirek milks the cum of oh the cock, with some heavy breathing from Jiri. The cum coated cockhead glistens brilliantly as the milking goes on Clearly Jiri has a very sensitive cockhead after cumming. Some cum is rubbed into Jiri’s nipples to bring the session to a very nice end. This was a wonderful introduction to Jiri, and for him to the studio. We have high hopes that he can go much further.Format: mp4

OutInPublic - Motor Shop Fucking (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:36:14 PM
On this weeks out in public im here chilling with my homeboy and this kid is crazy horny telling me how he hasn’t had any ass in some so it was my duty to get this guy some ass lol and that i did ..we ran into some kid in the middle of nowhere and you know how it talks so this kid takes the bait lol and comes with us and gets down with my boy and the homie goes all out on him lol if you know what i mean!!Format: mp4

Bare Huge Dicks 15 (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:35:43 PM
Starring: Leon Fortin, Karol Blake, Sarido DlimeCategories: Compilations, Bareback, Cum Shots, Rimming, Twinks, Tatooing, Big Cock, Solo, Anal/Oral Sex

Dream Ticket Aug 8 2011 / 05:29:52 PM
Year: 2007Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Twinks, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Balls, Big Cocks

Marco Roman final wm Xlarge (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:21:44 PM
PantheonBearLike the god Poseidon, muscle bear Roman Wright rises from the sea to partake of earthly delights and this particular delight is beautiful, hairy Marco Rios. Marco falls into a dream when Roman arrives on the beach and soon falls into Roman's arms before getting a heavenly fuck that leaves them both exhausted, wet and ready for more.

RandyBlue - Jackson Kale & Eric Pryor (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:16:05 PM
Year: 2011Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Interracial, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, SiteRip

ItsGonnaHurt - Scared Little Logan (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:14:29 PM
Here we are again with another fantastic update of It’s Gonna Hurt. We brought in this scared little boy named Logan for an asshole destruction session. Logan was so scared he literally locked himself in the bathroom and had to be convinced to come out and play. After a few moments he submitted the booty and it was on, Castro had no problem stuffing his giant black dick up Logans tight little asshole. It was over quickly as Castro took it to him… slamming his ass until he sprayed nut all over logans face. Good times!Format: mp4

It's Gonna Hurt - Scared Little Logan (2011) Aug 8 2011 / 05:13:46 PM
Year: 2011Genre: Big Cocks, Interracial, Black, Horsehung, Facials

These Bases Are Loaded (1982) Aug 8 2011 / 05:11:05 PM
Year: 1982Genre: Classic, Muscles, Jocks, Pre-Condom

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