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CorbinFisher - Garths Happy Ending (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Solo, Masturbaion, Muscules, Cumshots, SiteRip
Duration: 00:12:23
Studio: CorbinFisher

Garth is a new freshman that totally captivated me. He's got an incredibly defined body. He's also very furry, has gorgeous eyes and a very down-to-earth personality. Garth was shy and a little awkward when he first got here. But the other guys quickly made him feel welcome. Especially all-around nice guy, Russ! After Garth told us a little about his workout routine, and how much stress he carried in his shoulders after exercising, I remembered that Russ is learning massage therapy. Russ was more than happy to put his skills to work on Garth. And Garth was happy to have Russ work on him! When Russ left the room to get some more oil, it wasclear Garth had gotten completely horned up by having Russ massage him.
Garth gets to work massaging his most important muscle! He rubs his chest and abs, before letting his hands go down below the sheet and start working on his stiff, uncut cock. He strokes his cock and plays with his balls. Garth kneels up on the massage table and rubs his ass, and his legs. He uses both hands to stroke his dick. Garth rubs his round, muscular pecs and plays with his nipple. But he can't keep his hand off his cock for long! He sits back down on the table and jerks his dick.
Garth breathes heavily, and tilts his head back, ashe strokes even harder. He switches hands, and rubs his chest again. He rubs his fuzzy legs, and switches hands on his cock again. Garth shoots a big, thick load that goes almost all the way up to his pecs. He leans back down and rubs the last drops of cum out. nd just then, Russ comes back in with more oil. Garth quickly sat up and tries to cover his hard-on. Guess he's still a little shy. So, it's a shame Russ took so long! I bet Russ could help him get over that shyness. Oh, well, maybe another day ...

Format: MOV
Video: 960x540 30.00fps 1824Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz 2 channels 96Kbps

File size: 171.8 MB


Huge Raw Cocks

Release Year: 2010
Cast: Aiden Holt Kevin Mead Garth Harmon Brandon Aguilar Rob Morse Nick Roberts Mark Mann Marco Cruise
Genres: Amateur Big Dick Muscles Bareback Anal

Marco Cruise, Aiden Holt and Brandon Aguilar get their holes worked over by huge raw 9x6 cocks from Garth Harmon, Nick Roberts and Mark Mann. Then Kevin Mead plows Rob Morse and pumps another load into him while Marco takes Garth's huge raw cock in private.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:43:30
Video: 960x540, xvid, 1465kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB


Leed Scott - Leed's Oily Massage Happy Ending! (2011)

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Gayroom
Cast: Leed Scott

Sore from stress at the office Leed hire us to give him a massage. A massage turned into just a little bit more then a Happy Ending......

Format: asf
Duration: 44:30
Video: 1250x702, Windows Media Video 9, 2441kbps
Audio: 125kbps


File size: 842.3 MB


Phoenixxx - Two For the Price of One

Tristan Jaxx (age 3 is looking for a nice, massage with a happey ending and isn't he lucky, two boys show up to get the job done! Dean Holland (age 19) and Nathan Stratus (age 1 both take turns servicing Tristan's big uncut cock before they each offer up their hole for a hard fuck. It's a happy ending for all as this Puerto Rican stud fucks the cum out of both boys!

Duration : 00:20:28
Resolution : 768x432
Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 860 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 297.8 MB


CDN Bond Vertical Stocks With A Happy Ending (2011)

Release Year: 2011
Cast: CdnBond
Genres: Bondage

A friend of a friend of SB came to town, and you will never guess... he wanted to get tied up. He's from Canada and goes by the name CdnBond on GearFet1sh and RubberZ0ne. He wanted to try our vertical stocks so we set them up and asked him to wear the new latex he got from Mr S in San Francisco. Man, he sure looks hot in his latex! We locked him into the stocks, and not long after he had the normal result of heavy bondage on a guy - the telltale bulge in the pants - and to Mark's credit he did what was necessary to help our guest have a happy ending. There's nothing better than to have an explosive orgasm while in heavy, unforgiving, restrictive bondage. As many of you know, somehow the restriction seems to amplify your orgasm. And, if you ad some tight-fitting latex and a gas-mask to your experience it can take you over the top!

Format: asf
Duration: 12:51
Video: 540x360, Windows Media Video 9, 3906kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 378.2 MB


CorbinFisher - Trey Takes Josh's Load (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Muscles, Kissing, Rimming, Cumshots, 720p
Duration: 00:16:30
Studio: CorbinFisher / CFSelect

In all their time at CF, somehow we never paired Josh and Trey up! It's more than time to rectify that. Trey's curious what Josh will be like in the sack, but Josh wants it to be a surprise. And Josh surprises one of Trey's biggest loads ever out of him!

Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720 29.97fps 4912 kbps avg
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 593.1 MB


Alec Grey - Alec Asshole Massage (2011)

Alec was feeling a bit sore in all different parts of his body. He requested a DEEP tissue massage from us...we brought the massage oil over. We gave him the happy ending deep asshole fucking...
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1250x702
Runtime: 50 min.

File size: 955.9 MB


CorbinFisher - Colby Rides Cain (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Double Load, Rimming, 69, Blow Job, Cumshots, 720p
Duration: 00:24:48
Studio: CorbinFisher / Cfselect

You might think aggressive bodybuilder Cain looks like he might overpower the smaller Colby – but Colby has a voracious sexual appetite – and can definitely hold his own with the buff Cain. From 69ing each other to pummeling Colby in a push-up position, Cain dishes it out and Colby takes every inch!

Format: MP4
Video: 1280 x 720 29.97fps 4754Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 109Kbps

File size: 863.7 MB


Bareback Hotel

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Au Natural Triumvirate Group
Cast: Garth Fox, Tommy Gent, Miky Sem, Jay Renfro, Gerry O'Connel, Bastien Totti, Dawson Brooks, Ray Renfro, Robert Driveman, Taylor Brooks, Casey Prince, Alex Ray, Ben Nichols, Bogi Falat, John Pepper, Paul Robbins, George
Genres: Teens, Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Rimming, ThreeWays/Orgies, Cumshot

Total Bareback Action! First bareback fuck by Russian superstar Ray Renfro!Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel welcomes only hot-nutted studs! No condoms allowed!
6 scenes full of bareback fucking and cum eating!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:58:32
Video: 720x480, FFMpeg MPEG-4, 1950kbps
Audio: 437kbps

File size: 2.0 GB


CorbinFisher - Connor Bangs Lucas (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Bareback, Kissing, Rimming, Cumshot, Muscles, Big Cock, 720р
Duration: 00:17:50
Studio: CorbinFisher / CFSelect

What happens when legends fuck? A lot of hot sex! Lucas takes Connor's huge cock from almost every angle – and loves it. From missionary to doggy to the crabwalk – these two blond titans fuck fast and furiously … until Connor fucks the cum out of Lucas!

Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720 29.970 fps 4923 Kbps
Audio: 44100 Hz stereo 128 Kbps

File size: 643.1 MB


CorbinFisher - Zeb Fucks Wayne (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Fucking, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Duration: 00:16:25
Studio: CorbinFisher

I'm not sure what Zeb is eating or drinking. He may have a similar diet to Travis. Whatever it is, I need to find out their secret and bottle it - because these guys are some of the biggest shooters I've ever seen! When he's not naked, Zeb's gorgeous eyes and tight body sometimes make me forget what a big cock he has - and how much he likes to fuck! But when I put him together with new big-dicked freshman, Wayne, I quickly remembered. Zeb and Wayne kiss. Zeb pushes Wayne onto the bed. Wayne may be a little taller than Zeb, but Zeb can be pretty aggressive! He kisses every inch of Wayne's torso, then goes down on his cock.
Wayne's cock is rock hard. Of course, who's wouldn't be with Zeb on it? Zeb climbs up on top of Wayne and feeds him his dick. Wayne swallows Zeb's cock. Zeb goes behind Wayne and lubes up that hole. He slides one finger in, then two, getting it ready for his stiff cock. Wayne moans as Zeb plays with his hole. In fact, precum is leaking from his dick, he's so turned on! Zeb sticks his long dick into Wayne's hole. He thrusts in and out, moaning with pleasure. Wayne tells Zeb how much he likes getting fucked doggy-style by him.
Zeb balls him even harder, his body slapping against Wayne's ass. Wayne tells him to fuck him harder. Zeb is happy to comply! is happy to comply! After flipping onto his back, Wayne is ready to take Zeb's cock as deep as he can. Zeb fucks him in the missionary position. Zeb's pounding causes Wayne to shoot his load. Zeb pulls out and blasts his load as well. Only, as Zeb keeps stroking his cock, it just keeps spurting – until Wayne's stomach is painted in cum! I definitely need to know what how he has generates so much extra protein!

Format: WMV
Video: 960x540 30,00fps 1332Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

File size: 164.8 MB


CorbinFisher - Cain Facefucks Taylor (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Blow Job, Cumshots, 720p
Duration: 00:19:25
Studio: CorbinFisher / CFSelect

Taylor can't get enough of Cain's thick dick … especially when Cain grabs him by the hair and crams his cock down Taylor's throat! Taylor takes it like a champ, and then bends over to let Cain jackhammer him doggy style. But riding Cain is what makes Taylor blow his load – all over Cain's massive pecs!

Format: MP4
Video: 1280 x 720 29.97fps 4842Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 107Kbps

File size: 688.3 MB


CorbinFisher - Cain Takes Control Of Dawson (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Rimming, Big dick, 69, Blow Job, Cumshots, 720p
Duration: 00:26:00
Studio: CorbinFisher / Cfselect

Dawson was the first guy to fuck Cain – and now it's cum … I mean, come full circle! Cain says he prefers being on top, since he likes to be in control. And he shows us exactly how he likes to control things when he sinks his thick, uncut cock into Dawson's perfect, muscled bubble butt. And the results are explosive!

Format: WMV
Video: 1280 x 720 29.97fps 4000Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps

File size: 764.3 MB


Happy Ending

Genres: Massage, handjob, oral, anal, condom, facial, cumshot

Once in awhile I get the dudes that just stop me from touching their sweet manhole every time I make an attempt. But with this dude, he tried to fight it as much as possible until I decided to shove his cock in my mouth and suck it he was completely in shock, this dude decided to fuck me!!!! It's been a while since I've come across such a challenge but in the end no man can resists a Happy Ending!

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:32
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2931kbps
Audio: 67kbps

File size: 561.8 MB


CorbinFisher - Kent Creampies Cain (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: oral/anal sex, cumshot
Duration: 00:18:59
Studio: CorbinFisher

After Cain complements Kent's ass during his squat workout, Kent tells Cain he wants a piece of his ass. The two muscle studs head to the bedroom and Cain rides Kent's big dick. Cain takes every inch – and after he shoots his load, Kent shoots his – right on Cain's tight hole! Kent shoves his cock – and his cum – back into Cain, finishing up his workout with a creampie dessert!

Format: MP4
Video: 1280 x 720 29.970fps 5142Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz 2 channels 128Kbps

File size: 714.7 MB


CorbinFisher - Dawson & Connor Double-Team Austin (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Bareback, Kissing, Rimming, Cumshot, Muscles, Big Cock, HD, Threesomes
Duration: 00:23:46
Studio: CFSelect / CorbinFisher
Cast: Dawson, Connor, Austin

Hot muscled bottom Austin can't wait to get double-teamed by top studs Dawson and Connor. In fact, he's rock hard before his pants even come off! The tops use Austin's mouth and ass switching off so they both get to pulverize his tight hole until he shoots – then they drench him in cum!

Format: mp4
Video: 1280x720 at 29.970 fps, AVC, 4824 Kbps
Audio: 44.1 KHz, AAC, 2 ch, 109 Kbps

File size: 839.7 MB


CorbinFisher - Ethan Plunges Into Colby (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Double Load, Big Dick, Rimming, Fingering, Blow Job, Cumshots, 720p
Duration: 00:20:08
Studio: CorbinFisher / CFSelect

Ethan's big cock needs some service – and Colby's hungry for every inch! He eagerly swallows Ethan's dick down his throat. Once Ethan slams his huge dick into Colby's tight hole, he makes Colby shoot his load across the bed. Ethan keeps fucking until he blasts his load all over Colby's ass

Format: AVI
Video: 1280 x 720 29.97fps 4797Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 706.7 MB


Suck My Big Black Cock (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Gay Porn, USA, All Sex, BLACK, Gagging, Thugz, Anal, Oral
Duration: 01:32:26
Cast: Big Blue, Black Heat, Freakzilla, Juice, Little Toe, Rico Power, Sexcyone, Thugzilla, Tiger, Vivid

Was it as good for you as it was for me!? It's hard as a rock and just begging for a good, wet sucking. Wrap your eager lips around my big, black cock! Fucking and sucking at its best! If it's about the hue of the hard-on or the size of the prize...try one of these on for size! Happy Ending here we cum!

Format: WMV
Video: WMV2, 640x480 (4/3), 29.970 fps, 1 180 Kbps (0.128 bit/pixel)
Audio: WMA2, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 128 Kbps
File size: 907 MB

File size: 906.6 MB


CorbinFisher - Marc Steps Up To Connor (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Rimming, Fingering,Blow Job, Cumshots
Duration: 00:20:42
Studio: CorbinFisher, cfselect

Connor and Marc are coming down the stairs – but they never quite make it! Connor leans Marc up against the wall and kisses him. Soon, Marc is bent over and up the stairs – and taking Connor's tongue, fingers and finally his big dick in his tight ass! Connor shoves his dick up Marc's “stairway to heaven” until they both cum – and Connor shoves his still-wet cock back in Marc's ass for good measure

Format: MP4
Video: 1280 x 720 30.00fps 4965Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 751.8 MB


CorbinFisher - Travis Gets Plowed (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Muscles, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Cumshots, Big Cocks
Duration: 00:17:33
Studio: CorbinFisher / CFSelect
Cast: Connor, Travis II

One thing about getting fucked by a dick as huge as Connor's - it can make you cum a lot! Travis and Connor are alone in the cabin. The two start making out in the hallway and Connor ends up fucking Travis over the stairrail.
Getting Travis down onto the couch, Connor pounds him harder and harder with his enormous cock. Travis shoots a world-record load and Connor follows with a load that drenches Travis in hot, cowboy cum!

Format: mp4
Video: 1280x720 (16:9), 29.970 fps, 5136 Kbps
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps

File size: 659.4 MB


CorbinFisher Garth s Happy Ending 2011

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